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Sophie Arditti

I discovered Feldenkrais by chance when I was given a present of six yoga lessons 35 years ago. In fact it wasn't yoga but Feldenkrais although I didn't know that for another 20 or so years! I loved this 'weird yoga' so much I went religiously every Monday. Whatever I did the next day was characterised by a calm fluidity in my movements and a sense of wellbeing and potential physical power. When my wonderful teacher retired I found her teacher, Scott Clark, who recommended the Feldenkrais training in Switzerland with Elizabeth Beringer, graduating in 2009. My degree was in Russian and Spanish and I had been working in publishing but was on a quest for something else to do. At the time I met Scott I was studying Fine Art at Chelsea part-time. Nevertheless I started the Feldenkrais training and had an epiphany during a class and recognised that what I loved to do, above all else, was Feldenkrais and so committed entirely to studying it and becoming a practitioner.

My practice is in West London; at the moment I teach two classes a week online, see clients individually in-person and online and give monthly in-person workshops. I enjoy working with anyone who is curious and wanting to change and discover more about themselves. Feldenkrais percolates through all aspects of my life. I love applying the counter-intuitive principles to situations or predicaments — not even physical — and watching how the deeply humane, non-judgemental and empowering concepts of the Method can effect change. Physically, my tango dancing is a constant challenge.

As well as giving me all sorts of ideas to play with as I dance, the Method shows me my injurious habits and gives me alternatives. The learning is constant!

My other loves are open water swimming, food and reading.

I work closely with Scott on the professional London Trainings. I am a member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild and abide by its Code of Ethics.

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