In-person and online Workshops

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'I am so much better this morning... it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!'



Free your eyes and your neck will follow!

In-person and online

Workshop Dates:

Saturday 9th July 10 am - 1 pm




Essex Unitarian Church 

112 Palace Gardens Terrace 

London W8 4RT



To book email  or

call 07951 905 902



Mats are provided but if you'd like to bring a blanket for extra comfort please do.

We don’t have access to the kitchen so please bring teas/coffees/water with you.


Are you reading this on your phone?


Did you know that globally we spend an average of 9 hours and 45 minutes looking at digital devices per day? In the UK 75% of GPs and opticians see more eye health problems now than 10 years ago with a marked increase since Covid.


I’m delighted to be hosting an in-person workshop in which we will delve into the use of our eyes and how to support the weight of your head over your spine. Our explorations are deeply relaxing; some will be done lying down and others sitting.


You’ll learn how to change your movement to avoid eye strain, headaches, neck pain.  It will be practicaltr and transformative.


For fans of previous eye workshops this is a chance to reacquaint yourself with this area of Feldenkrais’s teaching and for newcomers it will introduce you to an effortless transformation of your movement in daily life and will change your ideas about yourself and your potential.



'I love the psychological aspects of Feldenkrais.  The memory of standing so tall and steady and grounded at Saturday's workshop has helped me be politely firm in dealing with someone who has been encroaching on my autonomy.'

Workshop participant, June 2022