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In-person Workshops

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© International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive, Robert Golden

'I am so much better this morning... it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!'


BREATHE .. and improve your balance, well-being and movement


Saturday 23 March

10 - 1 pm


To book email  


call 07951 905 902


Essex Unitarian Church 

112 Palace Gardens Terrace 

London W8 4RT

Mats are provided but if you'd like to bring a blanket for extra comfort, please do


It’s not complicated. Children and animals breathe well effortlessly. I recently managed to confuse myself listening to an audiobook purporting to teach people how to breathe and then returned to Feldenkreis strategies which did the trick in no time.


We will take a playful and slightly sideways  approach to the subject, by using breath to irrigate and open up areas of ourselves we unknowingly keep closed, expanding potential and self-knowledge as we go.


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